Bernadette Wilson

Since Bernadette was a child, she had always done some sort of craft, going through different phases. These started with knitting and embroidery, taught to her by her grandmother. She then progressed to making dressmaking, including evening, wedding and Deb dresses. Some other crafts were making teddies, jewelry, ribbon embroidery and more stitching, including stump and gold work. Her love of pencils and color began in primary school when she received a beautiful, large, tinned pencil set in year 5. But she never thought of herself as an artist until recently.

In 2022, Bernadette completed Certificate III in Visual Arts. During that year, her senses were awakened to the many styles and mediums of art making. It also led her to visiting and talking to artists in their open studios. Because of this, she participated in classes. Printmaking with David Frazer and drawing with Catherine Pilgrim, both in Castlemaine, Victoria. She also conducted classes in paint pouring. Bernadette joined Ballarat Society of Artists to be involved with people in the art scene in Ballarat.

This year, 2023, will see her complete Certificate IV in Visual Arts. Her skills are improving, but she has found that art is never-ending learning. As yet, she has not settled on a preferred style or medium. That, she assumes will come. She has recently been referred to as an “artist”, does that make her one, she wonders? 😊

This year sees her venture into displaying her art and has sold a couple of pieces. She is particularly drawn to the colors of Australia. Especially the west coast and remote areas. Having spent 8 years travelling, mostly in Western Australia and the Northen Territory.  She has a multitude of photos and memories of these wonderful places to use a reference for future works.

But she believes the key to it all is “enjoyment”.

Appreciation of her work is “encouraging”.

The advice and support of fellow artist is “invaluable”.