Maree Heap

Maree fell in love with art at Damascus college Ballarat. She had trouble passing any other subject but found ease in the escapism that creating brought. Maree has worked in Disability support for 20 years and has a innate passion for advocacy for disabled people.

Maree is married to her husband and together they have four children, the oldest having significant disabilities being autistic and type one diabetic. Maree found similarities with being neurodivergent ADHD, she started painting after her diagnosis through the pandemic as a source of relaxation therapy for her.

Maree is inspired by the earthy landscapes and the rolling cloudscapes in central Australia but feels a deep connection to her surroundings in country Victoria and the deep moody colours it brings. She loves building up dimension composition and mixing paints but is still finding her unique style. Maree mainly works with acrylics, but has in the past worked with charcoal, oils, sketching, calving, watercolours and oil/soft pastels. Maree hasn’t had any exhibitions but has sold a few paintings through her instagram page @mareeheap_art. She really hopes to educate herself more and learn from like minded people in the art community. Having her art hanging on your wall would be a great privilege for her.