Jennifer Eldridge

Jenni Eldridge is a Ballarat Artist who likes to explore her environment with travel, photography, drawing with pen and sewing machine, printmaking and digital art just to mention a few of her skills.

Jenni enjoys experimental art, working in multimedia from paper, metals and textiles moving from one modality to the next with ease.

She is an active member of the Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria, the Ballarat Fibre and Textile Network and the Begonia Quilters and has exhibited often in each of these groups.  She has been a member of the BSA for less than twelve months and feels at home in this group.

Animals, faces, sense of place and decay particularly draw attention. She loves the different, and enjoys telling a story though her art especially to amuse herself.

Jenni studied craft at the South Australian School of Art and the Torrens College of the Arts and Education for eight years in the 70’s. she still enjoys doing courses not so much to master a new skill but rather to give her a personal adventure into the unknown.  Jenni feels fortunate that she holds her own in these courses which have utilised tutors from Australia and overseas.

While this may seem rather haphazard, she does have a clear personal style which is unique to her.

She is recognised as having natural abilities in drawing in particular.