Monthly Art Competition

A highlight of our Monthly Meeting is the theme based competition.  Each member may bring one artwork  for display and these are judged by members and  the winner is announced at the meeting.


The themes for  2018  are as follows:

Feb – Open

March – Waterfalls

April – Skulls

May – Portrait

June – Abstract

July – Nudes

August – Shells

September – Wildlife

October – Doorways

Nov – Farm Animals

Dec – Black and White


The winners of the monthly competition will be displayed at RADMAC in Armstrong Street, Ballarat.


Topics for this year are as follows:

February –  Any subject;  March – Nude;  April – Abstract;  May – Gumtrees

Winner Nude theme March.

March  Nude theme – Barry Walters

March Nude theme

March Nude theme –  Brian Lawrence

To conclude 2016,  the themes were November – “Collage” and  December  – “Black and White”

The winners of the Monthly Art Competition are able to display their work in RADMAC in Armstrong Street South for the ensuing month.

Here are some recent photographs of 2016 winners for the themes “Buildings” and “Animals”.


Brian Lawrence

Joan Tallent October Winner

Joan Tallent

Barry Walters October winner

Barry Walters

Lyn Werts and Peter McDonald

Lyn Werts and Peter McDonald