Ballarat Society of Artists, Inc

Jane Reyne


Jane began watercolour painting in 2003 after attending a basic course on technique and has worked with pastel for over 30 years. In 2016 she completed a Natural History Illustration course on-line.  Jane has recently been developing her skills with coloured pencils and in the future printmaking and oils will be the next challenge.

Her favourite subject in watercolour is close up detailed work of leaf litter, flowers, fruit and various other themes. She also enjoys creating landscapes and seascapes with pastel. Another area of interest is Botanical art she loves the clean lines and intricate detail.

Jane participates in group exhibitions and local art shows and has won numerous prizes.  She has also been published in the Australian Artist Magazine twice as a finalist in painting competitions.

Her work is on show at the Macarthur Gallery in Sturt Street, Ballarat, or can be reached through the above contacts.

Personally, Jane likes to study a painting and see something she has never noticed before, so endeavours to achieve this in her own work.

Phone: 0438 314749


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