Ballarat Society of Artists, Inc

Joan Day

Joan started drawing at a very young age. She excelled in portraiture, achieving a likeness of her sitters from as early as 8 or 9 years of age. During school she enjoyed art classes and was highly commended for her work. Because she would draw her class mates during class this sometimes resulted in getting behind with her class work, however those girls still have their portraits.

The first prizes Joan ever won were silver cups for a drawing of a magpie and a coloured one of a wren, when 9 years old.

Joan studied for 3 months at SMB art school before leaving to find employment. She didn’t have the opportunity to go to Melbourne to study as her parents thought her too young at the time. She is a self- taught artist, who received a little help in later years with the use of different mediums such as pastel and acrylic.

Joan’s painting was put on the sidelines for a few years due to work. Marriage and raising 4 children. When her youngest was 5 and at school Joan that the time was right to start painting again. She decided to try oils after years of just drawing. Joan sold very first one immediately, and this spurred her on to creating many more.

Landscapes were popular and she was commissioned to paint particular places for special occasion presentations over the years.

Later still she began using acrylics as well and went on to pastels after doing a short course in pastel portraits with BRACE. She also did the diploma in fine art at Ballarat University, Joan Also learnt about the different mediums available to use with acrylics.

Joan has been awarded many prizes during the later years while being a member of The Ballarat Society of Artists and producing more art work. Sketching pencil portraits during the Ballarat Begonia Festival each year, Joan has been a well-received activity with the BSA. She continues painting and drawing today.

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