Vera Paulin

Vera has been drawing and painting since she was a little girl. She clearly remembers returning home after a trip overseas with her mum and sister to find that her dad had set up a little table with fresh paper and some paints for her to use.

Currently Vera paints with acrylics but also plays around with watercolours, coloured pencils and pastels. She doesn’t want to restrict herself to only one medium.

Vera is now based in Ballarat, having recently moved here from Melbourne. Before that she lived and worked in several different countries around the world while she was with the diplomatic service.

Vera has a Diploma in Fine Art which she gained from The Open Window Art School in Pretoria, South Africa.

The main objective for her while painting is to enjoy the process and let her creativity “speak” through her. But when other people like her art and get continuous pleasure from looking at it, that’s what matters even more to her.

Vera has painted landscapes, abstracts and some portraits and also enjoys experimenting with different techniques. Recently she was introduced to the acrylic pouring method and what started as an abstract turned into a face. It was very exciting. She also loves working with textures.

Previously Vera was also commissioned to paint three Buddy Bear sculptures for two German Embassies, in Jakarta and Ouagadougou. The Buddy Bears are fibre glass bear-shaped sculptures, 1m or 2m tall, painted by artists from around the world. The Bears, with paws held high and touching, signify peace and friendship between countries.

Vera’s creative process is not set in stone and varies quite a bit. Generally she starts off with an idea, then possibly a sketch or two and after that she “dives in”. But things can change quite considerably along the way.

Vera is inspired by her travels. Having travelled quite a lot and seen many different countries, she loves to paint what she has seen, often based on her photographs.

In future she wants to continue to paint more and exhibit her work. And perhaps enter the odd competition.


1994    Exhibition after gaining Diploma of Fine Arts, Pretoria, South Africa

2000    “Embassy Colours”, exhibition of art by members of the German Embassy in Ottawa,

            Canada, hosted by the Goethe Institut Ottawa

2001    Exhibition of the Foreign Service Community Association, Ottawa, Canada

2002    Exhibition of the Foreign Service Community Association, Ottawa, Canada

2002    Juried Exhibition, Arteast, Ottawa, Canada

2006    “The Globe Trotter”, first solo exhibition, Goethe Institut Melbourne, Australia

2015    “Voyages a travers trois continents”, solo exhibition, Goethe Institut Ouagadougou,

            Burkina Faso


2002    Juror’s Award for Excellence, Arteast, Ottawa, Canada

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