Lone Wolf $175.00 Plus P&H SOLD

Lone Wolf is an Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with deep side. This had been done using the masking technique. I has been sealed with a High Gloss finish to provide lasting protection to the artwork.

I find this type of techninque to be very interesting and fun. There is a lot more work in this technique but the end results are wonderful. This artwork depicts snow covered mountains with fir tress and all reflected in a lake. I find this reminds me of Canada for some reason. I am sure that it will bring different memories for others

40.64 x 50.8 cm Artworks size.

Also with this painting there is a hidden dragon for you to find this is special signature that appears in all my paintings done for 2020 onwards.

If you are interested in purchasing purchase this piece please contact Colleen at


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