Suada Ramic

“Being at the beginning of this amazing new journey, I am excited about further exploring…”


Suada moved to Australia in 1988 and her primary focus was raising her young family and establishing a new life in the new country.

She always had a great passion and interest in art and creativity that led to a 30 year long professional career in architecture and design.

After recently retiring from work, Suada can finally dedicate some time to pursue her lifelong passion for painting.  Being at the beginning of this amazing new journey, she is excited about further exploring and developing her artistic skills using acrylic on canvas and paper.

Suada has, for many years, been inspired by the artistic work of a very dear friend.  She admired her creativity and determination as a professional artist and her use of colour in abstract portrait paintings.

Now Suada’s inspiration comes from nature, country and coastal landscapes, light, reflection and water.   She also enjoys painting portraits of people she loves and that reconnects her to her family and friends.

With her recent recognition from participation in art shows, Suada now seeks to move towards larger and more complex landscape paintings using different mediums such as watercolour and oils.