Brian Lawrence

Brian has always enjoyed painting and sketching “en plein air” (on site) when the weather allows. Over the years he has developed a keen eye and is always on the lookout for interesting subjects such as weather worn faces and unusual buildings etc.

For a few years now, Brian has concentrated on water colour painting which he hops “to do justice to one day”. His mantra is “my next painting will be my best”.

Although he has travelled extensively in England, Canada, Italy and India, Brian’s heart has always been in Scotland where his journey began.

Brian Lawrence was born in Ayr on the West coast of Scotland. His early years were not steeped in academia but forged amidst the sights and sounds of the wharfs, fishing trawlers and trains.

In spite of receiving little encouragement as a child, this proved to ban ideal environment for the budding artist to develop his natural talent.

Brian was initially self-taught, but after a serious back injury, he decided to enrol in neighbourhood art groups. This led to him being mentored by artists such as Joel Magpayo and Greg Smith

Brian has come a long way from his humble beginnings. Instead of early discouragement, his work now has earned him more than 100 awards in art circles such as:

ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW – Four times prize winner and blue ribbon for portraiture

SUNBURY – Best in show 2008 and multiple awards from that art society

BACCHAS MARSH – Best in Show 2010 and many other awards.

BALLARAT SOCIETY OF ARTISTS awards include: – Best in Show 2014. Twice winner of Artist of the Year.