Ballarat Society of Artists, Inc

Lynette Cooke

Lyn grew up in Melbourne and has always shown enthusiasm for painting and drawing.  Her tertiary education at the State College of Victoria and Monash University included major studies in Painting and Art Education.  She has participated in workshops by renowned artists, as well as studying the work of painters such as Ray Harris-Ching, William Cooper and Peter Trussler.  She draws from the rich heritage of wildlife art in Australia beginning with the natural history illustrations of John William Lewin and John and Elizabeth Gould.

After moving to country Victoria, Lyn held the positions of specialist art teacher in government schools for many years as well as teaching painting in the Adult Education sector.  She has painted professionally for over 25 years and been the recipient of numerous art awards and commendations, with much of her work being commissioned by art collectors and nature lovers.

The meticulous studies are usually executed in a mixture of watercolour and gouache after many preliminary sketches.  Detail is gradually built up using very fine brushwork.  Many layers may be required to achieve the desired result.

has had many successful exhibitions, been a guest artist at various shows and her work has featured on television and in articles in newspapers and journals, including Australian Artist magazine.  Paintings have also been reproduced on a popular range of greeting cards published in Australia and the UK, bookmarks, calendars and as limited-edition prints.

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