Sharmaine Riches

Sharmaine studied art in high school for 3 years.

she studied the masters of old, Vincent van Gough, Francis Goya, Rembrandt and the like. First working in oils and moved to taking private lessons from an artist friend who taught her in the use of Charcoal.

Sharmaine traveled around Australia for 2 ½ years, taking in all the beauty our country has to offer. Whilst travelling she tried her hand at water colour with  local artists along the way.

After a break Sharmaine resumed painting in 2001 using Acrylic Paints. Doing Realism pieces and then Silhouette Portraits of clients and friends.

The new form of Abstract Art known as Acrylic Pouring caught her eye and is challenging and interesting all in one. It is the knowledge of colour combinations and chemistry. The hardest part of this form of art is learning to combine colours, yet keeping them separate and not turning them muddy. This technique automatically creates unique paintings that cannot be replicated.

You can contact Sharmaine through our contact page if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning an art piece

I have a Facebook Page, Art By Shar and I am also on Instagram. A web page is in the process of being done and will have Art By Shar so they are easily found.


My e-mail is  Commission pieces can be done to suit your colour scheme and personal favourites.